Health Insurance and Student Insurance for International Students in Ontario, Canada

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How to Get Student Insurance in Canada?

There has been a spike in the number of foreign students applying for Canadian universities. The highly-regarded educational system that Canada offers has witnessed a phenomenal increase in the number of students enrolling in Canadian schools, starting from secondary to postgraduate levels. So, if you are one of the aspiring candidates to start studying in Canada, you need to understand that the Canadian education system works differently than most of the other countries.

Right from the fee to the admission requirements, criteria change from province to province. However, two things that stay universal while trying to get into a Canadian University or school are the study permit and the student visa. To start with your application, you can refer to the Canadian government’s website. Know how to get Student Visa in Canada?

Adding to the list are certain non-academic standards that one needs to be addressed while planning to study in Canada- prime being an appropriate student insurance company. While choosing one, you have to look out for student insurance that fits your specific needs in a particular province. If you specifically want to go for a school in Ontario, it’s best to connect with Canadian insurers who hold wide experience in customizing health and student insurance Canada for international students, specifically in Ontario.

Health Insurance is Mandatory in Ontario

All Canadian residents have access to free, comprehensive insurance that takes care of medical emergencies. Foreign students enrolling in an Ontario school, however, are not eligible for free health insurance. Unlike other developed countries, Canada doesn’t have a single unified health care sector that takes care of its permanent or foreign residents universally. Health insurance policies vary from province to province. So, it makes sense for you to choose a health insurance provider who can help you in choosing comprehensive student insurance that covers almost every medical emergency- whether preventive or emergent.

Choosing the Right Student Insurance in Ontario

Ontario, every year, hosts more than half of Canada’s foreign students. If you are applying to get into an Ontario school, be aware that the public Ontario Health Insurance Plan is out of your reach. All Public Universities ask the prospective students to enroll in a UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan). Private universities and colleges, on the other hand, provide private insurance for their students. There is an annual fee attached to UHIP and comprehensive coverage. However, there are too many conditions applied. That’s why international students are advised to connect with reliable insurance companies who give them options of different plans. You must select plans that include:

  • Emergency hospitalization and medical care
  • Prescriptions as the result of an emergency
  • Ambulance transport during an emergency
  • Emergency dental work
  • Diagnostic testing like x-rays and blood work

These are the minimum requisites you must look for in an insurance policy. You can either pick up a standard policy that covers all the emergencies or you can go for an enhanced policy with additional benefits.

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