Reasons Canadians Should Buy Travel Insurance

Canadian travel insurance

In an age of ever-increasing globalization, international travel is no longer restricted to businesses. As it continues to get more affordable for the average Canadian, tourism is steadily establishing itself as a popular recreational activity. However, with the rise in the number of people visiting different countries, the risks associated with international travel have also increased exponentially.

It is said that when packing for a trip, plan for the worst. Well, this saying cannot be truer in this case; it is prudent that when going abroad, you must take into account all that can possibly go wrong when in another country. If you are Canadian, Canadian travel insurance can help solve all your travel woes. 

Here is how buying it can help solve all your travel woes.

1. It provides a safety net

Having travel insurance comes in handy during such excursions because it acts as a safety net to protect you and your family from unprecedented events.

For instance, if you are waiting at the airport for a couple of hours only to hear an announcement that your flight back home stands cancelled due to bad weather. Now, you’re stranded with no contacts and probably feel helpless — this is where travel insurance comes to the rescue as it reimburses all your expenses wherever applicable. 

However, it is advised that you read the rules and regulations because many agencies hide important nuances in the fine print and you should take help of professionals experienced in travel law when perusing the T&C

2. Healthcare is expensive abroad  

It is also crucial that you consider potential medical costs when travelling to another country. This is because countries such as the United States can have abhorrently high medical expenses which foreign travel insurances can hardly compensate for.

Purchasing travel insurance in Canada, on the other hand, can prove quite useful because they typically provide much wider coverage than their American counterparts. To give you an idea, a treatment that costs around $5 million in US can be wrapped up in $10,000 in Canada —  that is how overinflated the healthcare expenditure can be in foreign countries.

You may not feel the need for it right now but a medical emergency can strike without notice. Especially when abroad, accidents can happen that may need urgent medical attention, and it is of paramount importance that you are ready for it at all times.

Furthermore, you must understand that most of the medical insurance schemes used in Canada are null and void as soon as you venture outside the country’s borders. Thus, it is recommended that you get travel insurance instead because it has a wider scope and can cover emergency medical assistance along with related transportational costs.

Additionally, your health coverage will include diagnostic tests, ambulance expenses, comprehensive patient care, evacuation charges and travel costs to the hospital in case of any medical emergency on your ride. If chosen carefully, your plan can even provide access to hospitalization facilities at minimum costs.

3. It adds to the provincial health quota

It is crucial that you keep in mind that the travel insurance you purchase will compliment the provincial coverage already provided by the Canadian government. The out-of-country coverage is, thus, suited to take care of the enormous medical expenses in countries such as the US.

Furthermore, the Canadian health care infrastructure is taken into consideration by Canadian travel insurers while drafting the policies, which are structured to incorporate provincial coverage when calculating the final reimbursements. They will ensure that your treatment is paid for in a timely manner, and that it doesn’t wait until after the provincial part has been paid to repay you.

On the contrary, the rest of the world necessitates that you pay off your provincial coverage before buying national/international insurance.

Another thing you must note is that International insurance schemes are often intended to cover passengers that may not have another provider of coverage; for this purpose, premiums can be higher to accommodate for the higher amount for which they are liable when a premium is reimbursed.

4. 24X7 support & logistical help

This is one of the crucial reasons behind buying Canadian travel insurance. As we had discussed before, the coverage of international travel plans is much more restricted. And this lack of scope expands to the lack of extensive medical transport. While travel insurances in countries like the US provide the insured individual emergency transport to the nearest suitable medical center, plans from Canadian insurers cover the expense of returning to your home province for medical transportation at affordable rates.

For anyone who would prefer to stay home with loved ones after a medical emergency, this is a crucial distinction because when stuck in an unfamiliar location in a foreign country, access to a 24×7 emergency helpline can be life-saving.

After all, you never know when a calamity that is normal or man-made is about to happen. Not only will you be able to get advice and directions but also have access to a SOS framework that can come to your rescue if things go south.

5. Provides coverage for pre-existing medical issues

Last but not the least: one of the most important reasons for getting a Canadian travel insurance is that unlike foreign travel insurances, this time you get a plan that covers medical conditions which have been stable for a pre-defined period of time before the trip.

Besides that, you’ll notice that costs related to an existing disease might not be adequately covered by your chosen travel insurance when you read the details of a standard travel medical insurance package from a US insurer. This might not be a problem for someone in perfect health, but for those having pre-existing conditions it poses a severe issue.


Having a Canadian travel insurance is a must, especially when you’re a Canadian yourself. It is an investment in yourself that you ought to make. Especially if you’re Canadian and going to a region prone to tsunamis, earthquakes, political uprisings and terrorist attacks, getting a Canadian travel insurance should be a top priority. Contact Insurance Gully for cheap travel insurance

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