Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada

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Every year Canada welcomes more than 30,000 immigrants and visitors to its shores. The scenic beauty of Santa’s own home makes it the perfect holiday destination while and the abundance of work and study opportunities make it a haven for thousands of aspiring professionals and students alike. But a lot of these aspirants miss out how important is it to have a visitor insuranceFor many people traveling to Canada it is just a “maybe” element on their list of travel planning. 

Are you planning a trip to Canada? We advise you to think about purchasing a travel Insurance for visitors to Canada.  An ideal travel insurance plan for Canada includes cover for accidental, travel, and medical emergencies.  

If you want to travel to Canada with total peace of mind, visitor insurance is your way to go.  

Why Do You Need a Travel Insurance While Travelling to Canada? 

Whether you’re visiting Canada for its luscious greenery or to fulfill your career or study dreams, a travel insurance is needed to keep you protected against ant sort of medical, accidental or travel emergencies. A medical emergency is the last thing on anyone’s mind when they book their tickets to Canada. However, accidents are unforeseen, and you can never judge when someone would get hit by one. An assured visitor’s plan that offers full assistance and proper care in case of medical or accidental crisis will safeguard you from the otherwise expensive Canadian medical care. When you have a travel insurance in place, you don’t need to shell out a large sum of money if there is an emergency.   

Losing your passport or baggage while traveling is one of the most common scenes across the world with Canada being no exception. Though the country’s highly vigilant police forces are always around to assist you but imagine getting stuck on a foreign land with no money, documents or anywhere to go. Sometimes, there are issues related to flight delays due to bad weather, misconnecting flights, late baggage arrival that might cause you financial damage that you would not have even dreamt of. Getting a valid travel insurance in Canada will cover you against any monetary loss that might happen due to aforementioned situations. It will help you with medical evacuation if needed and there are certain policies that also cover transfer of mortal remains to in case of sudden/accidental deaths.  

Questions You Need to Ask Before Purchasing a Travel Insurance to Canada 

As mentioned earlier, most people do not see the importance of having a travel insurance. A huge number of travelers still consider it just another document that comes as a part of your travel package. They don’t even realize the fact that their travel agent might have handed them a bundled insurance which might not even cover your basic luggage theft, forget medical insurance. Most people traveling to Canada are recommended to buy travel insurance plans that are customized to meet your needs and specifications.  

Before purchasing a Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada, here are some factors that you should consider while picking an suitable insurance plan.  

1. How Often Do You Fly? 

Whether you’re traveling for work for a week or planning an annual trip, there are varying plans out there for different kinds of flyers.  

2. How Long do You Plan to Stay in Canada? 

Longer stay in Canada means you need to pay for extra premium.  

3. How Does Your Medical Report Look? 

While getting a travel insurance, always keep in mind that your age and existing health conditions will we be defining factor for your travel insurance. There are insurance plans that cover pre-existing ailments and illness.  

Take Care of Things When Purchasing Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance in Canada is customizable but you must know that a travel insurance plan is never one-size fits all. You need to buy travel insurance before you set foot in Canada. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you buy a travel insurance: 

1. Travel Insurance is Not Renewable 

Travel insurances are one-time agreements. If you want to elongate your stay in the Canada than the set date, you need to renew the policy before it expires.  

2. Medical Questionnaires are Important 

It is recommended to be careful and honest about your medical history while filling the medical questionnaire. Your accurate medical history will be your best friend when you contest a claim.  

3.  Be Attentive of Rules 

Whichever travel insurance you buy, always pay full attention to the rules, especially if you have any existing medical ailment.  

To sum it up, you must be well prepared to face any unexpected turn while you travel to Canada. While shopping for travel insurance, you will find many ample of options, but you will find the best visitor visa quote only on Insurance Gully. We help you in conducting a systematic analysis of the best visitor insurance plans available and then ultimately select the one that suits your needs accordingly. Wish to know more, click here.  

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