Importance of Travel Insurance Post Coronavirus Pandemic

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Travel is exciting as it opens doors to so many new and unexplored things in life. Not only does travel rejuvenate one’s soul, but it also makes us more compassionate, empathetic and gives us innumerable learnings. But since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world, there has been a dip in the number of international travellers. The continuous fear of catching the virus, falling sick kept people away from booking flights even to domestic locations, forget international travelling.

But life is getting back to normal. Thanks to the vaccine and precautionary methods, people are now stepping out of their homes and travelling across the world for business and leisure. Those who travel, whether an explorer, a vacay lover, a business tourist or a family vacation enthusiast would agree that travel brings excitement.

However, the coronavirus pandemic taught us that life is unpredictable. Just like your life, your journey whether to a domestic destination or a foreign turf can take an unexpected turn. You might find yourself stuck with unforeseeable situations that can not only ruin your plans but leave you stranded away from home too. That’s why it is super important that when you book your flights to Canada or any other country in the world, ensure that you have a proper travel health insurance plan in place.

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Imagine you’ve taken a break from your stressful daily schedule to fly to a serene foreign location. Once you land at the airport, you realize you’ve missed your baggage. And you had all your essentials in your luggage, what do you do? You become helpless on foreign land. You are stranded in unchartered waters without any navigation. If you’ve had travel insurance, you’d have been provided complete assistance to help you through the situation. Here are a few common reasons you need travel insurance for.

1. Lost Baggage

Losing your luggage can be stressful. With proper travel insurance, you have access to immediate help as it will reissue a duplicate or new passport. If you’ve lost your belongings, travel insurance will compensate you with the approved sum in the policy. Adding to this, certain insurers offer coverage for delayed baggage as well.

2. Flight Delays/Cancellations

Flights are big machines. Sometimes there are tech glitches, sometimes there is a storm, rain or no visibility forcing pilots to not take their planes in the air. It is an inconvenience that neither the airline nor the passenger wants to face. But if it happens and you have travel insurance, you will be reimbursed a certain amount as mentioned in your policy contract.

3. Medical Emergencies

There are unforeseen medical emergencies that can arise while you are travelling. It might be a mild fever to a severe Coronavirus infection. You’d not want to take the risk of contracting a deadly virus and getting stuck on a foreign land without medical insurance.

Why is Travel Insurance All the Way More Important During and Post Coronavirus Times?

Though almost every country in the world has started vaccinating its citizens with Covid-19 vaccines, health experts still believe that the danger is far from over yet. SARS COVID-19 is mutating and there are new variants that are being discovered now and then. While the need for travel insurance is nothing new, COVID-19 has taught us that we can never be too ready to face unexpected complexities. Travel insurance comes handier in today’s situation as it keeps you prepared to fight against the adversary that COVID-19 is.

As travelling is still at risk with coronavirus actively mutating and infecting people across the globe, it becomes imperative to buy an affordable travel insurance policy to placate the effects that Covid-19 might bring with it.

1. Coronavirus Infection Still Lingers On

The Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt. It forced people to remain confined within their homes. It led many businesses to shut down and if there is one industry that’s still fighting to get on its feet is the travel industry. Globe trotters, business travellers, exchange students, vacation enthusiasts, everyone stayed at home. But now as people are getting vaccinated, countries are opening their borders for international travellers. And people are travelling for work or leisure or both. Of course, with proper precautions. However, the experts still think that the danger is not over yet. So, if you’re planning to travel soon and even if you have been vaccinated, you should get travel insurance as the virus is still mutating and you don’t know if you catch it from a fellow traveller in the enclosed space of your flight.

2. Possibility of getting stuck in a lockdown

There are still some countries in the world where the virus is wreaking havoc. Suppose you are travelling to a foreign location because of work but the sudden spike in Covid-19 numbers forces the respective country’s administration to impose a lockdown, what will you do? You cannot book a flight back home, you cannot pay for medical expenses. You are exhausting your budget. Travel health insurance will keep you protected against such unanticipated events. It will offer you a cover for all the costs that you might have to pay from your own pocket.

3. Airlines are not reliable right now

The aviation industry has taken a major blow in its revenues and operations with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a huge dearth of manpower. There have been innumerable instances globally where people have missed their luggage due to the neglect of the airline and have to run from post to pillar to get back their valuables and basics. Then there are multiple delays, uninformed cancellations and rescheduling of flights are a common affair given the current pandemic scare. Hence, it’s advisable to save your travel plans with travel insurance that offers you coverage against all such situations.

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