Study Securely, Realize Your Education Dreams in Canada With Students Insurance

Studying to Canada? Get insured with Insurance Gully.

For international students, Insurance Gully’s full insurance covers their entire health costs so they can study securely in Canada.

Insurance Gully is committed to helping students studying to Canada or studying out of the country, find the right value and protection. Our years of experience mean you get the best coverage and options at the most competitive price.


We empower students with full coverage, coast to coast – whether out of province or abroad.

  • If you are a foreign student studying in Canada, the last thing you want is a distraction in form of unexpected health issues, unforeseen accidents or any other emergency.
  • That's why, it is recommended to secure yourself with an international student's travel insurance.
  • Remember: Foreign students are not covered by Canadian provincial health plans.
  • Also, doctor's bills and emergency medical and hospital care bills can put you down by a few thousand dollars.
  • As an international student, it is important to secure your future against any eventuality with a little prudence today.

At Insurance Gully, we put students first each day by delivering on our promises. And by doing so, we continue to build trust with students who travel to this country to study securely.


Insurance Gully also covers health insurance for new immigrants who need to wait for a few months till they get their Provincial Health Cards issued.

During that waiting period, any medical emergency could happen so it is better to be fully covered and insured.

When studying to Canada, make your student insurance and/or new immigrant insurance coverage an important part of your plans.

We are Delighted and proud to serve your individual student insurance needs.

We deal with leading insurance companies to find the best rates and right coverage for you.


Our Partner

We are proud to be partnered with many of Canada’s leading insurance companies. This helps us offer outstanding service, highly competitive prices and comprehensive coverage.