Do Yoga Instructors Need an Insurance?

yoga teacher insurance canada

According to a report published in the famous lifestyle, health and fitness magazine- the Modern Gentlemen  1 out of 5 Canadians practise and enjoy yoga. That’s about 21% of the entire Canadian population.

Teaching yoga is a delightful and enriching job. While there are many perks to being a yoga teacher, the reality is this profession comes with its own challenges. There is no defined age for yoga students, they come in all sizes and ages with different expectations. Some want to learn the centuries-old eastern culture to stay in shape while others do it for mindfulness and keeping stress at bay.

Whatever the reason behind someone’s eagerness to assimilate the practice, the truth is everybody comes with different abilities and these differences in one’s capability and expectations can sometimes create new issues for yoga teachers. Even the best efforts from the best yoga teachers cannot prevent injuries from happening. In their endeavours to excel the art, students often stretch themselves beyond their limits and get hurt. Some students don’t deem it fit to inform their yoga teachers about their existing medical conditions.

With the number of yoga-related emergency room visits increasing each year, it is important for yoga teachers to have insurance. As a yoga teacher, you either have personal insurance or the insurance of the yoga studio where you teach. In Canada, you need insurance before you can teach yoga. There a number of yoga studios and institutes that would buy general liability insurance and insurance for yoga instructors. However, certain yoga studios won’t do the same.

Why Do Yoga Instructors Need Insurance?

Employees all over Canada, working through a variety of industries are offered insurance by their employers. Why? The reason is simple. To keep financial constraints at bay, in case an accident happens. Healthcare in Canada is super expensive. Without a health plan, you might end up paying thousands of dollars from your own savings. Though yoga seems a harmless activity aimed at improving one’s physical and mental wellness, the truth as mentioned above is that injuries are inevitable. Sometimes it’s the over-enthusiastic yoga students, the other times it is someone slipping through their yoga mats. Mishaps are a part of everyone’s lives. But having insurance would keep you protected against being liable for certain problems and accidents. Yoga insurance keeps a yoga instructor or yoga studio safe from claims that are related to injury during a yoga class.

While yoga instructors go the extra mile to ensure all safety precautions are in place and being practiced, the truth is accidents can happen anywhere. The number of yoga practitioners keeps on increasing every year, which means an increase in inadvertent accidents as well. Given the high odds of students getting injured during a class, it’s mandatory to have yoga liability insurance before you start teaching whether in personal capability or with a studio.

What Are the Benefits of Yoga Insurance?

Having a yoga instructor insurance can help you keep yourself and your business safe from unwanted claims from students who hurt themselves while attending your class. Other than that, we have enlisted a few other advantages of having yoga insurance.

  1. Yoga Insurance is Not Expensive

While other insurance might cost you a bomb, yoga liability insurance plans are comparatively cheap. On average, an insurer needs to pay $150-400 yearly to buy yoga insurance. This amount keeps you secure not only within the studio you teach at but also at places where you take private yoga classes.

2. It Secures Your Business from Expensive Lawsuits and Unwanted Claims

If you own a yoga studio, we recommend you buy yoga insurance for all the teachers working with you. This will keep you and them safe in case a student files a lawsuit against you. Uninsured yoga studios face the danger of going out of business with their first lawsuit. As a business owner, it is your duty to ensure that all your teachers have liability insurance while they are working at your establishment.

3. Yoga Insurance Keeps You Stress-Free

If you’ve been teaching yoga for a long time, you’d know injuries are unavoidable. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be anyone’s fault. If you’re uninsured and a student gets injured and decides to press charges against you, you’d burn out your hard-earned cash within no time. Even if the student decides not to press charges, would it not add to your credibility to pay his/her medical bills with the yoga liability insurance.

What Does a Yoga Insurance Plan Cover?

Professional yoga insurance would cover all legal charges, settlement costs along with the medical bills of the injured. The payout and other details will vary from policy to policy depending upon which one you choose.  

Why Does a Private Yoga Teacher Need an insurance?

Even private yoga instructors need insurance. Injuries don’t happen only in studios. They can happen in private spaces too where you teach the art of yoga. Most yoga teachers work freelance. Having insurance means you are protected insured for all the injuries that happen when you are teaching yoga, whether it’s in a park, gym or your home.

Still confused about yoga insurance and its benefits? Don’t know which plan would suit your requirements. Worry not. Insurance Gully offers customized yoga insurance plans for private instructors as well as business owners to suit your budget and needs. Let us find you the perfect plan while you do what you do the best- teach yoga to your disciples.