Insurance for health expenses not covered by the government.

Please note that there are a few gaps in government health insurance plans. If you’re not fully covered by a group health plan, purchasing individual insurance is a wise decision. A large amount of health and dental expense will be incurred every year and they can prove quite expensive. Personal or family health and dental insurance can be a big help here.


Basic insurance for those who just need the minimums.

Some companies specialize in offering guaranteed issue life insurance. They could issue life insurance policies with no required physical exam. Typically, the companies do require the insurance applicant to answer questions that may lead to denial of coverage. However, there are companies that will offer coverage with no exams and no questions.

Generally, this type of policy will only cover funeral expenses. We have some insurance plans which allow giving coverage up to $50,000 (conditions apply). These policies also tend to have high premiums, which can end up exceeding the benefit amounts. Main features include: Coverage for pre-existing conditions. There is no medical questionnaire.

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