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When one makes travel plans to Canada, after the flights and stay arrangements have been taken care of, the most pertinent question that often crops up is the issue of travel insurance. Here are the reasons we recommend Travel Insurance for all visitors to Canada.

Travel Insurance – an important part of your travel plans

Remember, life can be erratic but your travel plans shouldn’t be. Especially if you travel across provinces, the average medical cost could shoot up from region to region . This is why health insurance is needed before you travel from one province to another.

Also note that the Federal government’s health plan only covers a limited amount of expenses. That’s why you need Travel Insurance for expenses that are incurred outside the province. Did you know that your provincial coverage may not pay for all health care costs you may incur while outside of the province. Sometimes the difference can be substantial.

Travel insurance is issued even when you have an existing medical condition.

Irrespective of any existing conditions, Travel insurance will be issued to you. It is also  recommended to go ahead with your Travel Insurance purchase, as it will protect against all unexpected emergency medical expenses.

Some chronic ailments are also covered by Travel Insurance.

When someone with a chronic illness wishes to apply for Travel Insurance, the coverage is given depending on the illness, its seriousness and its stability. While some ailments are covered, others may need a medical professional to evaluate your condition.

Some policies have limitations of coverage associated with pregnancy similar to the limitations within the travel industry at large That’s why you can talk to your insurance provider in detail to address your individual situation.

Lastly, if there are any official travel advisories, coverage limitations and / or exclusions would apply if the advisory is in place prior to purchase of the policy. However, if you have already left on your trip when the advisory is issued, you would be covered should something unforeseen arise.

When travelling to Canada, make Travel Insurance coverage an Important part of your travel plans.

To discuss your individual affordable travel insurance coverage, feel free to get in touch with Insurance Gully and set up a complimentary consultation.