Super Visa Insurance: How can it help keep families together in Canada


One of the hardest things about moving to a new country is being far away from your loved ones especially your parents. But thanks to the Canadian government, that they recognize these challenges. This is why Canada has one of the most admired schemes for the reunification of families – the Super Visa and Super Visa Insurance program for Parents and Grandparents.

With a Super Visa, parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents can travel to Canada and stay with their families for up to 2 years. This program also enables multiple entries to Canada for up to 10 years, giving you and your family plenty of time together.

For being eligible, children or grandchildren of the visitors must provide a letter of invitation and meet the minimum income requirements. Visitors submit this letter along with proof that they have obtained Canadian medical insurance.

To apply for a Super Visa in Canada, the visitors entering Canada must have at least $100,000 worth of health coverage issued by an Insurance company in Canada. It should cover health care, repatriation, and hospitalization. This ensures that the visitors can pay for their health care if they face a medical emergency while in Canada.

Cost of Super Visa medical insurance

As per research, the cost of Super Visa insurance in 2019 was CAD 1,660 per year per traveller.

The cost of Super Visa Insurance and coverage options vary as per your province or territory. A survey by claimed that the average annual premium for Canada Super Visa Insurance for a couple was CAD 2,839 for one year, with each person getting the required $100,000 coverage with a $1,000 deductible.

Alternatives to Super Visa Insurance

Super Visa insurance is designed to cover parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens who are travelling to Canada. If you do not fit the qualifications for a Super Visa Insurance, you have other options for travel insurance and visas. People travelling to Canada for temporary stays of less than six months have the option of a visitor visa.

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