Step-by-Step Details on how to get a Student Visa in Canada

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How to apply for student visa in Canada?

Each year, more and more students apply to travel to Canada and study here. There are many reasons why international students love to study in Canada. For one, Canadian Universities are renowned for their high academic standards and rigorous quality controls that assure a high-quality education. Not only does it open doors for many future career opportunities, Canada is also a safe country to eventually settle and grow one’s career.

The Canadian Student Visa: What all is needed.

When an international student decides to travel to study, a student visa is typically required. The student visa allows a foreign student to enter Canada as a student. On arrival, a study permit is issued to the student to study at a recognized institution in Canada.

You must apply for a visa before your travels and must have all documents gathered prior to applying. To apply for a Student Insurance Canada, ideally you are between the ages of 18-35 and more importantly, your country has an agreement with Canada. Typically, a Student visas take 15 working days or three weeks to be processed.

It’s important to note, depending on where you travel from, your requirements may be slightly different. In addition, guidelines and requirements keep on changing from time to time. For these reasons, we suggest you stay up to date. You can do this by consulting with your specialized Insurance services provider.

What’s more, as an international student in Canada, you are also allowed to work while studying inside and off campus. You could normally get a part-time job to earn some extra money and help to pay the living expenses. Many international students continue to work in Canada after graduation.

The types of Documents needed to obtain a Canadian Student Visa

  • Proof of Identity – Valid Passport, Travel Document
  • Purpose of Visit – State why you wish you come to Canada – for further education.
  • (Includes Language Proficiency Test results like IELTS, TOEFL)
  • Travel history and Proof of financial support
  • Other Personal Documents – like Biometrics, Police Clearance, Resume, Birth Certificate and if applicable – Marriage Certificate.

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