A Comprehensive Guide To Buying the Best Travel Insurance in Canada


We all love to travel to the nooks and corners of the world. Travelling not only rejuvenates us but also enriches our experience with the knowledge that we gather while meeting strangers. While booking tickets & hotels to creating an itinerary, we often choose to ignore the most important element- travel insurance.

We don’t drive a car without insurance but we often risk travelling the world without insurance. It might seem like an avoidable expense, travel insurance is much more than what meets the eye.

Cancelled flights, illness, getting injured, losing your luggage- no matter whatever situation falls upon a traveller, it’s imperative to go for travel insurance, in case anything happens to you. To put it in simple words, travel insurance must be your top priority, doesn’t matter whatever the reason behind your travel is.

Choosing the right kind of travel insurance can be a bit mind-boggling. Getting one that fits your needs can get a bit trickier. This article is a comprehensive read on key aspects one must consider while getting travel insurance.

Before we dive into the topic, let’s understand what does travel insurance means.

When you travel to a new destination, there are a number of unforeseen yet unfortunate events that might spoil your experience. It can be anything from losing your luggage or tour cancellation to a medical emergency, travel insurance must be designed to cover them all. Other than that, skiing, hiking, cycling, bike riding, etc. are also covered under special policies offered by specific providers. Further, if your stay is too pleasant and you intend to enjoy your vacation a bit longer than you planned, you can get it covered under customized insurance plans too.

A lot of travellers do not understand the importance of having travel insurance. Imagine getting hurt on a trek or slipping your hotel stairs. Or just think of misplaced luggage! Not only is it painful to your body & mind, but a bit pricey too. So, getting travel insurance becomes of utmost importance because one can never be too cautious. Even with the best of the planning, things might spiral out of control leaving you with crippling medical bills.

Key aspects of availing travel insurance vary from person to person and situation to situation. Since a lot of travellers already struggle with understanding the importance of travel insurance, they often choose to ignore specifics they need to consider before going for one. If you have a travel plan on cards, your travel insurance must be based upon:

  1. Are you a solo traveller or are you travelling with family?
  2. Is it a business/leisure trip?
  3. What’s your age?
  4. What’s the length of your stay?
  5. What would like to get covered?

Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is a Must-Have

  • Helps Avoiding Unforeseen Medical Expenses
    No matter how meticulously you have planned your next trip, there are a lot of things that can go haywire. Such incidents not only leave us vulnerable but also incur medical expenses that aren’t a part of your travel budget. Moreover, if you are a foreign traveller, the cost of medical exigencies can skyrocket to the unimaginable limit.

    You can avoid all this hassle with a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Pick a plan that not only covers minor-out patient costs but also extends coverage to life-threatening & pre-existing sickness too. One can also go for plans that include services, such as air ambulance or medical evacuation.
  • Travel-related Issues
    Losing a passport, mobile or laptop, identity cards or international driving license, checked-in baggage, or delayed trips because of bad weather, missed flights are pretty common mishaps that might spoil your travel dreams. Well-planned travel insurance must cover financial support to cover any such emergency. A few insurance providers also offer compensatory package in case your visa is rejected.

  • It’s Mandatory in a Lot of Countries
    A number of European nations have made it compulsory for travellers to have travel insurance. While not all countries insist on proof of coverage before a tourist’s entry, a number of them notify travellers to purchase travel insurance from a local provider once they have arrived; as this could result in higher premiums. Therefore, it makes sense for you to purchase insurance coverage well in advance.

  • It’s Your Friend on Foreign Soil
    When you’re a country where your language is not the most popular one, it gets difficult to get ahead with your plans. A travel insurance cover that renders round-the-clock customer support for claims while you are stuck abroad could be your best friend. Not only it could help you in overcoming the language barrier but also leads you to get access to the best aid possible depending upon the emergency.

While most travellers find getting travel insurance an unwanted expenditure, we choose to ignore the part that it’s just not a liability, but an additional perk. Every traveller must consider it as part of your travel plans. Travelers-local or international, for years, have undermined the significance travel insurance holds. What they don’t realize it the fact that it only comes to fore when things don’t go actually the way you plan.

So if you’re travelling locally within Canada or taking an international trip to the most exciting, exhilarating, colourful, and vibrant corners of the planet, it also comes with a fair share of risks and dangers. Travel bloggers/vloggers now repeatedly tell their followers to stay ahead of the unplanned events that might happen when you embark on your trip as there are hundreds of circumstances that can bring your trip to a halt. It can be political unrest, a medical emergency, or a natural emergency that can coerce you to shorten your trip and return home earlier than planned. It’s therefore wise to invest in an insurance plan that can make your trip a truly pleasant experience.

At Insurance Gully, we customize our coverage to suit your budget, age, individual needs and travel plans to offer tailor-made travel insurance coverage that meets your needs.

Be it a family with children, a young student, a business professional or a senior citizen, we have your covered. Leave nothing to chance. When travelling outside Canada, make affordable Travel Insurance coverage an Important part of your travel plans. To discuss your individual travel insurance coverage, feel free to get in touch with Insurance Gully and set up a complimentary consultation.