Visitor Insurance- Everything You Should Know

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Every year, Canada continues to see an increase in the number of visitors. More than 20 MIllion visitors land in Canada every year, according to Destination Canada. Canada has gained popularity amongst travellers from Europe, Asia-Pacific Region, and South America.

But no matter why you’re visiting Canada or where you come from, it is very important for visitors to have their own emergency medical health coverage when travelling to Canada. This is where Visitor Insurance comes in.
Let’s look at some things that you should know about Visitor Insurance-

What is Visitor Insurance?

When visiting Canada, you come to enjoy the beautiful land and explore its wilderness. But the last thing you want is to have an emergency medical situation on your hands. That’s why you need an assured visitors’ insurance plan that provides visitors coming to Canada with emergency medical care. Visitor Insurance protects you from the risk of a sudden illness or accidental injury.

Why do you need Visitors Insurance?

As mentioned above, Visitor Insurance protects you from the risk of a sudden illness or accidental injury. Although Canada is renowned for its health care for citizens, it does not cover the bills for visitors. If any emergency comes up or if you definitely need urgent medical attention, it is likely that any hospital would charge you anything between $1000-$4000 or even more, if you don’t have insurance. Having Visitors Insurance will allow you to experience Canada with a peace of mind.

Who should purchase Visitors Insurance?

All the visitors, whether you’re visiting Canada for a vacation, business or to study. Even if you are a newcomer who’s waiting out your eligibility for the government health insurance plans, you should consider purchasing the Visitor Insurance.

When should Visitors Insurance be purchased?

Insurance Gully recommends you to purchase your Visitor Insurance policy before your arrival in Canada. If you delay it until you arrive in Canada, it could mean that you’ll be without coverage for 1-8 days (waiting period). You should not take any chances and should buy it before you visit Canada.

What is typically included in a visitor health/medical insurance policy and what amount of coverage should I buy?

Different companies offer different policies, which is why it is very important to review everything before making a purchase. The amount of coverage you’re entitled depends on your policy. Hospital expenses for the visitors can go up to $4000 per day and charges for air ambulances can exceed tens of thousands of dollars. You can buy as little as $10,000 in coverage but Insurance Gully recommends $100,000 of medical coverage.

Insurance Gully’s Visitor Insurance coverage includes coverage for hospitalization fees, professional fees for nurses and physicians when required for emergency treatment, coverage for emergency dental work that resulted from an accident, emergency home return by air ambulance or commercial flight with a medical escort, plus coverage for accommodation and meals if your return is delayed due to a medical emergency.

What should I do in case of an emergency and/or hospitalization?

You should call your insurance provider and notify them about the emergency to get their approval of expenses that can be covered.

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