Making Travel Plans in 2022?

Travel plan

Our life has been on halt since the COVID-19 pandemic. With all life-threatening risk because of pandemic we all are confined to our homes and travel to distant places and foreign countries has become a dream. With vaccination drive and by taking necessary precautions, we all trying to come back to our normal lifestyle. Going out to places other than your neighbourhood is becoming more common. People are becoming more comfortable with new normal and have started making travel plans for 2022. If you like exploring new places it’s a good news for you.

Increase in vaccination drives across worlds has also opened gates for international travels. Countries has loosened up on their travel restrictions and thus 2020 is looking promising for tourism sector. Travelling and exploring new places especially international destinations is risky. It is important that you consider purchasing affordable travel insurance especially if you are planning to travel abroad. Travel Insurance is an insurance that protects you financially if you meet any unexpected expenditure during you travel like medical emergencies, luggage or important document gets misplaced, flight delay or cancellation etc. There are several countries in which you cannot enter if you don’t have your travel insurance done. It is mandatory. In pre-pandemic period also travel insurance was a good investment because it offers numerous benefits. Post pandemic it has gain more importance because uncertainties has increased especially during foreign travels.  

Why You Need Travel Insurance

  1. Financial Umbrella in case of any unexpected emergency while your travel
  2. Stress-free travel
  3. No additional financial burden
  4. Get coverage starting from trip re-scheduling to trip cancellation depending upon plan you purchased
  5. All pre-paid activities related with your travel like hotel, flight tickets, vehicle for local transportation etc. can be covered.
  6. Medical emergencies are covered.
  7. If you lost your boarding pass, or identification proofs or luggage that can also be covered
  8. In case of death during the trip your mortal remains will be sent safely to your family.  
  9. You can make last minute decisions of cancelling trip and return to your home. The cost of facilities you have not used can be reimbursed.

There are variety of cheap insurance plans available in the market. Coverage offered will vary from plan to plan. The more coverage you want the more you have to pay for the plan. Before purchasing any plan it is important to have detailed information about what aspects are covered and what is not covered.

Importance of Travel Insurance in 2022

We all have adjusted to the new normal and are making travel plans for coming year 2022. If you are also planning a trip in near future you must have travel insurance. This is all you need to know about benefits of travel insurance post pandemic period

  • Travel to domestic and international destination is increasing gradually.
  • As there were effects of pandemic and environment was uncertain, travellers postponed their plans in 2022.
  • It is projected that it will be rush of tourist will increase in 2022 and all the accommodations, conveyance modes like flights train etc. will be booked and charges for the same will be increased.
  • It is more important to have travel insurance as services will be expensive and in case of any rescheduling, cancellation or any other hiccup, travel insurance will serve as a blanket.
  • After pandemic health related risk has increased. Medical facilities are quite expensive and health insurance you have will not provide you coverage if you fall ill during your travel abroad. Travel medical insurance plan will give you coverage in that situation.
  • The medical coverage offered will be for any medical emergencies including evacuation to your homeland or any type of accident. However, these policies mostly do not include pre-existing medical problems.
  • When COVID-19 pandemic hit initially, travel insurance didn’t reimburse any amount for trip cancellation or any type of delay. This was because there were no coverage given for pandemic when insurance was purchased.
  • However, in post-pandemic era travel insurance plans have included coverage for expenses occurred due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Now It is possible to get reimbursement of your trip if before starting your trip, you or your co-traveller found COVID-19 positive.   
  • Travel insurance may provide coverage of medical expenses if you catch COVID-19 infection during the trip. It can also pay for your return ticket to your home when you are fit to travel.
  • Earlier also few countries required that visitors have their travel insurance in place. You have to have travel insurance if you want to visit certain countries. After pandemic these numbers has increased like Jamaica, Aruba and many more.

There are various points that you should consider while purchasing travel insurance.

  • Coverage given by travel insurance plan.
  • Make sure that the travel insurance plan you have selected suits requirement of country you are travelling to.
  • Travel Insurance must be purchased from a reputed and trusted insurance company.
  • You can always increase coverage of basic travel insurance depending upon tour requirement and budget.

Covid-19 gave major setback to tourism industry and major loss was suffered by hotels and travel agencies especially individual service providers. Now post pandemic situations are getting better, travel industry is also getting on track. Travel Insurance is a must have. One of the most trusted, renowned and affordable insurance companies in Canada is InsuranceGully. It is important to understand the concept in detail and choose most suitable option. The company offers various cheap travel insurance plan Canada. They will guide you through the entire process and help you choose maximum coverage on affordable rates. Each plan has its own coverage and you must choose plan as per your travel needs like if you are going for adventures trip, you must choose coverage accordingly. Insurance Gully have strong network of the reputed insurance companies in Canada. They customise affordable travel insurance plans as per your budget.