Why Getting Visitor Insurance Important?

visitor insurance important

We are living in a time where we are divided between the pre and post-pandemic eras. Life and health-related uncertainties have increased post-pandemic. Whenever and wherever we plan a trip, the last thing we want is to fall sick or have any medical emergency. Travel Coverage Insurance minimizes certain small or big financial risks while travelling. Losses like lost luggage, delay or cancellation of flight, medical emergencies or trip cancellation will be covered under visitor coverage insurance.  Canada being a beautiful and adventurous country is very geographically diversified. Thousands of tourists visit Canada every year. Because of changing climatic conditions chances of getting ill is quite high. To make your trip stress free and less risky it is important to have visitors’ insurance in Canada. From historical places to wildlife experiences there are a lot of options for tourists in Canada. Most tourists have visitors’ insurance while coming to Canada, Canadian government is very strict about visitor insurance to make travelers financial secured while travelling.

Every country has its own medical facilities, policies and payment structure that we are unaware of. It can put the burden on unplanned expenses and increase the financial burden. To avoid any such situation, it is better to opt for visitor medical insurance or visitor coverage insurance plans. In Canada, if you are on Visitor Visa and have reliable visitors’ insurance then various medical emergencies can be covered under insurance. If visitors want to stay in Canada for a longer time period i.e., more than six months and up to 2 years then they have to apply for Super Visa. As per Canadian government guidelines, a visitor who has applied for Super Visa must have travel health insurance worth at least $100,000 that enables them to pay their medical expenses.     

Coverage under Visitors Coverage Insurance in Canada

Health services in Canada are very good and so are public and private health insurance policies but those are for permanent or temporary residents. However, If you are a tourist and have a medical or financial emergency then you are in trouble and Visitor Coverage Insurance can be your safety net. There is medical as well as non-medical benefits of purchasing Visitor Insurance.

Medical Benefits

1. Cashless Hospitalization: Hospitalization facility in case of medical emergency is covered along with charges for out-patient care.

2. Coverage of Covid-19: With increasing COVID-19 cases across the world it is one of the necessary and important coverage in the post-pandemic era.

3. Accidental Coverage: Hospitalization due to small or serious accidents is covered. The visitor medical insurance provides compensation in case of death or permanent disability of the insured person during their visit.

4. Daily Allowance during Hospitalization: Daily allowance includes charges for meals, commute and communication are covered if the patient is hospitalized for more than 2 days consecutively, up to a maximum of 5 days.

5. Dental Services:  Any type of pain or injury to natural teeth is covered by the insurance.

6. Pre-existing Life-threatening Diseases:  If you are fighting a life-threatening disease then treatment charges of that is also covered by the visitor insurance cost.

Non-medical Benefits

1. Unexpected Losses: There is always a possibility of losing the checked-in budget or passport or important documents. Visitor Coverage Insurance in Canada will reimburse most of the financial costs.

2. Rescheduling or Cancellation of Trip: It is possible that booked flight gets delayed or cancelled. In some conditions whole trip gets delayed due to some unexpected circumstances. The financial loss occurred because they are covered under Visitor Insurance.

3. Specials Cases: Visitor coverage insurance also consider the emergency situation and offer special privileges. If you are travelling with a minor and are hospitalized then insurance covers the travel of minors to their hometown. Another service is to repatriate the mortal remains of the insured person to their hometown for burial or incrimination.

4. Age Coverage: Any person of any age including a 1-day old baby can also purchase visitor insurance. There is no maximum age for getting visitor insurance.

5. Accidental Death: Death of insured person because of an accident during the trip is also covered and insurance pays fixed compensation for the same.

6. Visa Extension: Visitor coverage insurance in Canada is compulsory if you want to extend your visitor visa.

Apart from the above, there are more benefits to having visitor insurance while you are travelling to Canada. Whatever is your priority mental peace or financial security, Visitor Insurance will act as a safety blanket in a new country.

How to Get it:

Getting visitor insurance is a simple and not very time-consuming process. Important points to be considered are:

  • You get it for yourself or for any of your family members or friends.
  • Visitor insurance can be purchased before you start travelling or after you reach Canada. The insurance date will be selected accordingly.
  • Visitor insurance cost is dependent on the coverage it provides. The plan must be selected as per your needs.
  • Go for a refundable insurance plan.
  • Don’t ignore additional visitor insurance costs like renewable, administrative and cancellation charges.

Insurance companies in Canada help visitors in getting their visitor coverage insurance and one of the most trusted and highly rated companies is InsuranceGully. The company offers different visitor insurance plans and tries to make your stay in Canada stress-free when it comes to medical emergencies. The plans are valid in all Canadian provinces and even across United States borders. Insurance Gully works with most of the reputed Canadian insurance companies. The company offers customized plans as per visitor requirements and at competitive insurance rates. 24×7 customer service is available that helps in better understanding clients needs, prompt response and better customer satisfaction rate. Services covered vary from plan to plan. Some major coverage they offer includes:

  • Hospitalization charges are covered
  • Dental services need after an accident is covered
  • Air Ambulance is included in case of emergency.
  • Medical escort is covered during a commercial flight