Importance of Insurance While Traveling

Travel insurance

If you plan a trip to Canada, you surely need travel insurance. Many of us do understand the important correlation between travelling and Insurance, but still end up not focussing on such a vital point.

You need to know that non-residents are not likely covered under health insurance. If you face any emergency in Canada, you might need to pay all the medical expenses, and you must be aware of the skyrocketing medical expenses in Canada. But while buying the tickets, if you purchase travel insurance in Canada, you can have a hassle-free journey. The travel insurance policy also has your back against financial situations during your Canada trip.

Typical travel insurance for Canada mainly provides financial assistance in cases during the Canada tour. The insurance policy is valid from the start to the end. It means if during your stay you fall sick, then the travel insurance policy will bear all the costs, including prescription drugs, medical costs etc. hence you will be saved from all financial burdens.

You should buy travel insurance if you plan to travel outside Canada. If you are flying, you need to ensure you get insurance, especially for trip interruption, document replacement and lost luggage. If you tend to drive, you need to ensure you have driver vehicle insurance if you ever meet with an accident.

Reasons to buy travel health insurance

Your health insurance might not pay any of your medical expenses while you are outside Canada. Furthermore, your local health insurance might not cover everything or might cover only a part of the total cost. Hence it will never upfront pay your bills.

Foreign hospitals can be pretty expensive, and you might not have the funds to pay the bills, or you need to arrange the cash immediately. If you don’t have adequate insurance cover, some country’s clinics or hospitals might not treat you well. You need to know that the Government of Canada will not cover your medical expenses. It is the only reason why you need to have travel health insurance.

You can easily buy travel health insurance from an insurance broker, credit card company, travel agent, or your employer’s insurance broker.

The travel health insurance mainly covers

Irrespective of where you are travelling, you need to ensure that your policy covers the following things.

You need to ensure that your policy includes medical evacuation to Canada or any other place in proximity with excellent medical care. The policy must also cover all the expenses of medical help to travel along with you till your last destination.

Furthermore, it would be best to ask the insurance provider to define the restrictions and limitations of any pre-existing terms or conditions and tests and treatments you might have had. Ensure that you have a written agreement that your insurance cover includes everything in your medical condition, so you don’t find any claim null or void. The agreement also needs to include a clause of stability if you have any pre-existing medical condition. Lastly, you need to ensure that the policy must include return and preparation for your remains to the country.

Understand what you are buying

Firstly, you need to research what you need and learn about different terms and conditions besides limitations and requirements before leaving the country. When analysing your travel health insurance plan, you must ask several questions. For example, is there anything deductible, and how much does it include?

Covid-19 and travel insurance

You must know your ability to get an individual travel health insurance if you plan to travel during the pandemic. If travel is non -essential, then you must avoid it. The new trip or cancellation policies are also limited. You need to ensure you are covered for all the medical expenses under covid19 and other noncovid19 emergency-related costs like trip cancellation. Some insurance companies might also offer covid19 related medical inclusions, but it is not likely to include any other non-cover for covid19. You need to learn if your quarantine costs are included or not if you become infected with the virus on your trip.

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You need to ensure that your travel insurance is for the entire trip as some insurance companies don’t offer any cover post-departure. The travel insurance benefits will be limited if you are in a country where it is not advisable to travel. If you need to head back to the country, your options might be limited due to decreased flight frequency.

Hence you need to understand all the terms and conditions before planning any insurance or buying a policy. Travel health insurance is essential and cannot be ignored. Get in touch with a leading travel insurance company Insurance Gully.

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