Expecting Visitors to Canada? Protect Them and Yourselves


Having an insurance is a must, but the problem is many of us take it for granted, specially when we are travelling. But when visitors travelling to Canada, an insurance is a must, and should not be taken for granted.

One of the most common myths revolving around Canadian, as per the experts at Insurance Gully is that the healthcare here is free. In the industrialized world, you pay maximum healthcare costs even though you don’t pay any fees to the doctor or hospital. You must know that generosity will be extended to your visitors here, so it is vital to have visitor coverage insurance. As per the experts of Insurance Gully, it is always a better idea for the visitors, to take up the insurance in Canada for a safer journey.

You also need to know that hospitals are no longer the charitable institutions they once had, so it is good to have visitor coverage insurance in Canada. A minor accident can easily ruin your joyous holiday.

If you fail to have visitor visa insurance in Canada, you would be paying thousands of dollars for unexpected expenses when there is a sudden ailment like a slip or fall or even a minor ankle sprain.  Hence, getting insurance is a must. In addition, while dealing with foreign nationals, Canadian hospital executives demand some payment or guarantee of compensation before the patients leave. They must have such a guarantee from the insurer. 

No free lunch or care

There is a myth of free care in Canada, so you need to guard against it and protect your guests by warning them to have visitor insurance Canada cost. They can either buy it once they land in Canada or buy the insurance before leaving the house. The latter is generally preferred. Irrespective of the domestic health insurance one might have for their household needs, they must know that insurance will not be valid once they land in Canada. For instance, if you are hosting your parents from the US, their basic Medicare wouldn’t cover any medical services in Canada. Hence, they will need an additional Medicare plan which would include foreign health benefits and only some of the more costly supplements. Therefore, one must have visitor medical insurance.

Visitor policies are different

You can significantly help your visitors by informing them to know more about Canada’s visitor coverage insurance, as this is what is suggested by the experts of Insurance Gully. If needed, you can also guide them to get the coverage. You can recommend some insurers who provide your foreign insurance coverage when you are on holiday. Furthermore, you must know that visitor coverage insurance is specially designed to cover the patrons for the complete trip. Still, like other insurance plans, they can also come with limitations and exclusions that make them different from the single or annual trip plan you buy when you are on holiday abroad. If your visitors are here for a short stay, they can go for a single trip visitor plan.

They can also go for long-term plans designed for parents or relatives who are here to stay for a long term, like a year or two. The latter is termed a super visa plan, and it can be purchased only for a specific period like six months or a year or a maximum of two.

The best of all is that you can pay for these plans at ease every month as Insurance Gully makes it super easy. Ideally, these plans are superior to buying repetitive short-term plans over and over again for the long term. They also help you avoid exclusion gaps like the pre-existing conditions and waiting periods whenever you apply for renewal of a short-term single trip contract. The renewal visitor insurance Canada cost is too high. 

Travel policies cannot be renewed:

You need to know that visitor visa insurance Canada is a one-time contract, and it would end on a specific date, and it cannot be renewed. If your guest wants to extend their stay, they need to buy a new contract with all eligibility rules and pre-existing conditions required to get in each new contract. For instance, if your visitor needs a previous claim for medical services under a given policy or just experienced new signs during the first coverage period, those conditions would be known as pre-existing for a contract. It might invalidate the new application. Before one can get into the unique benefits of the visitor medical insurance, one needs to wait for a while.

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While buying any visitor coverage insurance in Canada, one needs to consider the rules. For example, some plans will specify any ailment or related sign within some days before the effective plan date. In addition, some programs need the applicant to answer a medical questionnaire. But the plans and the process offered at Insurance Gully is super easy and simple.

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