Travel insurance guide for parents visiting Canada


Super visa insurance is something you need if you want your parents or grandparents to visit you in Canada for more than 6 months. Under this guide, you can learn everything about super visas for parents.

Some significant changes to super visa insurance

·  Canada’s immigration minister, on June 7th, 2022, announced that the supervisor program would be changed. Some of the changes that were announced or mentioned here

·  The length of the stay for your parents in Canada is increased to a maximum of 5 years from 2 years per trip.

·  You can buy the Super visa insurance from any non-Canadian insurance company, but they should be designated. Earlier it was only allowed to buy from Canadian insurance.

·  Once you get Canada super visa insurance, you can also request to extend your stay for at least 2 years while in Canada.

Basics you need to know about super visa Canada

Before you know the super visa insurance quote, you need to know the basics of a super visa. A super visa in Canada allows your parents or grandparents to visit you in Canada. To get the Super visa, you should be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. This visa will allow your parents or grandparents to stay in Canada for more than 6 months on every trip. This visa is also prominently known as a parent or grandparent visa.

The Super visa insurance in Canada plays a crucial role and is valid for at least 10 years, so your parents or grandparents can visit you as often as they want in the 10 years’ timeline if they want, but each trip should be less than 5 years. It means that a super visa in Canada is a multi-entry visa. But before you apply for your visa, you must ensure that you understand all the changes recently ruled out in July. You do not need a super visa if the time to visit Canada is less than 6 months. Standard visitor visa or electronic travel authorization.

Eligibility for super visa insurance in Canada

There are some basic eligibility criteria that you should meet if you want to qualify for a super visa in Canada. The parent’s and grandparents’ super visa requirements are mentioned here.

·  It would be best if you were the parents or the grandparents of the permanent resident of Canada. Your child or grandchild should be inviting you to visit Canada.

·  The grandchild or the child should meet the minimum income requirement.

·  You need to buy medical insurance from a Canadian medical insurance company or any other foreign provider, valid for at least one year.

·  It would be best if you underwent the immigration medical examination, and you can get it done upfront before applying or applying for the visa.

Super visa insurance income requirements

Once you understand the super visa insurance cost, you must also understand the super visa income requirement. To meet the Super visa income requirement, your child or grandchild’s spouse’s income can also be included. The minimum income required determines how many people live together with your child or grandchild. To calculate the family size, one needs to consider the child, which is the host spouse of the host-dependent child’s parents or the grandparents applying for the visa, anybody the host sponsored earlier while the sponsorship agreement is still in the picture.

Medical insurance requirements for super visa insurance

As mentioned above, it would be best if you had medical insurance to cover the trip to Canada. You need to buy this before you apply for the visa, which means that a valid policy document is one of the major pieces of evidence that you need to submit when you are applying for a super visa to Canada. But if you want a wonderful place to get Super visa insurance, you should always check the price comparison website with different providers to find the best deal for your situation.

Other requirements that you need to align with

Besides concentrating on the above requirements, you must also consider immigration refugees and citizenship Canada requirements, where you must submit some documents. The documents will have to show that you are the parents or the grandparents of the citizen residing in Canada. The documents mainly include a birth certificate or other certificates which name you as the parent or the grandparent.

You should also submit a letter signed by your child or grandchild inviting you to stay in Canada. The letter must include a promise of financial support for the entire stay. The list should show the child or the grandchild’s family composition, like spouse or children, whether they are dependent or independent financially.

Furthermore, when it comes to super visa insurance, you can apply online for your parents or grandparents. You need to put together the supporting documentation outlined above. You need a scanner or camera to convert the hard copy documents to an electronic copy if you apply for a super visa online. You also need to fill out other forms as an application besides the supporting documents. The super visa Canada cost is around $100 per person. Besides that, you also have to pay something for biometrics, around $85, and $170 for a family featuring 2 or more people.

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