Student Insurance Canada: What You Need to Know?


Canada is prominent for its outstanding education and publicly funded healthcare system. But international students are not eligible automatically for free universal Healthcare. Hence it is essential to know about student insurance for international & Canadian students. You can connect with our experts at Insurance Gully. 

Overview Of Student Insurance in Canada

Canada’s universal Healthcare is generally paid for through taxes, and health services are mainly free or just for a fraction of the cost. The healthcare system is administered at the provincial level, and all the provinces work differently—prolonged provincial and territorial health insurance plans. You don’t have to pay for medical services with a local health insurance card. Each province or territory issues health insurance cards to the residents. Depending on where you live, there may be a time you need to wait before you can apply for a health insurance card. 

Why is it essential for students to have health insurance in Canada? 

All international students that are studying in Canada need to have health insurance. Most Canadian provinces will provide health insurance to international students under this plan but not all. For example, some provinces and territories in Canada generally offer free emergency health services to people who don’t hold health care, but it is essential to have one. Therefore, it is vital to have Student Insurance if you are studying in Canada. 

Health insurance system 

Canada generally has different health insurance, which is governed by other provinces. If, for example, you buy health insurance in a southern area, then you are given a membership card that is acceptable only in that region. Being a resident, you are typically bound to wait until you get health insurance in this country. Therefore, it is recommendable to apply for health insurance in advance. 

Public insurance  

Public health insurance in Canada provides standard health services besides hospitals and primary care physicians, which is almost the same. Still, some provinces offer additional services like dental coverage, physiotherapy, and other prescription medications. Health insurance does not have any obligation to provide services that do not apply to the Canada Health Act unless there is some change in the policy. But some standard services are not included in most health care policies, including dental care and vision. 

Private insurance: 

Some private health insurance is offered with an employment contract in Canada, which is pretty expensive as it is provided widely. So, if you can afford it, you can choose our private insurance, covering everything from dental to vision care. But there are some exceptional cases where we are not obliged due to the sensitivity of the situation, especially for the chronic individuals that need constant therapy or treatment that as corrective lenses, home care medication, and other services which are not included even in the public insurance. 

Our health insurance policy is perfect for international students as we offer 24/7 assistance. The best part about choosing houses is that you don’t have to break your bag. You can check ourStudent Insurance coverage and get an idea about what is covered. Coverage is available for hospital and doctor visits, air ambulance prescription medications, dental emergencies, assistance with lost documents, interpretation and translation services, and other things. Students can arrange health insurance from us before arriving in Canada, as it takes time to get the policy. 

Why should international students get health insurance in Canada? 

All international students studying in Canada need to have health insurance. Some Canadian provinces provide health insurance to international students under the provincial plan, but not everyone does that. In addition, while all the provinces and territories in Canada provide free emergency health services to individuals who do not have health cards, these services are restricted. 

Unexpected healthcare costs can throw you off the budget, but when you purchase insurance from us, you can stay on budget. You don’t have to pay anything out of pocket if you are eligible for our insurance; if not, you have to pay out of pocket for all health-related expenses. All the services can be pretty expensive.  
For example, if you have to see a doctor in Canada for a walk-in appointment, you have to pay $120, and for the emergency room, you have to pay $1000, which is quite expensive. In addition, you might be expected to pay upfront costs depending on where you get the treatment. It is easy to see how a medical emergency can cost you 1000s of dollars. 

It is always good to have insurance in Canada.  
However, it is essential to do your research before you arrive in Canada. We have your back whether you are looking for public or private health insurance in Canada. You can connect with us for all your insurance needs! Insurance Gully is your next step insurance provider, for all insurance services in travel visa, student visa, super visa etc. 

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